Get Paid to Go Solar

Add Solar To Your Home At Our Expense

Do the right thing for the environment. Earn up to $750 or more every year!
We PAY YOU you to go solar! With EcoVolt Solar, you convert unused roof space into a new source of income. How? We install solar at our expense. We pay you each year to use your roof. Your home saves money on electricity bills too! It's like Money for Nothing!®

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Solar Panels for Commercial Properties

Are you a commercial building owner with an empty roof? By going solar today, it's possible to turn your unused roof space into a new source of revenue. And it costs you nothing to get started. At EcoVolt Solar, we will lease space on your roof for 20 years and install photovoltaic (PV) panels as a tenant-paid improvement. We pay you a 10% percentage rent based on the electricity purchased by your tenants.

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Solar Panels for Condos & HOAs

EcoVolt Solar will install panels on your property with no upfront charge. These solar panels will supply 100% green solar electricity to any or all of your homeowners for a price pegged to track local utility rates. Your homeowners can shrink their carbon footprints without overpaying just to be green. And your HOA earns 10% of our cash receipts as rent for use of your roof.

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